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Organization Structure

The organizational unit computing centre (HRZ) ist a central facility of the Jade University, that provides services for its members and relatives, based on guidelines and contracts.


Currently the organization structure of the computing centre is divided in 4 areas: :

  • IT-Infrastructure & -systems
  • university management systmes
  • procurement, helpdesk & organization
  • digital teaching

In the 4 areas, we provide our services in 17 service groups.

Area IT-infrastructures & -systems

Area University management systems

Area Procurement, Helpdesk & Organization

In the areas of Procurement, Helpdesk & Organization, the following service groups provide services:

Digital teaching

In the areas of Digital teaching, the following service groups provide services:

Furthermore, the HRZ is entrusted with various special tasks. You can have a look at the currents used organisation structure here.

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