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The computing centre supports the departments, the administration and the central institutions with the acquisition of IT devices and software. There are frame contracts with the following companies:

  • Dell (PC, monitor, notebook, server)
  • Cancom (Apple products)
  • H&G (toners for HP printers)

Offers can be created promptly with acquisitions in this area. No further offers are necessary. Required acquisition documents are generally created in the same process.

Apart from that, guidelines of acquisition apply at all times.

Special Remarks for the Instigation of Microsoft Windows 10: Please consider that the instigation of Microsoft Windows 10 is currently only permitted in the enterprise version due to data-privacy reasons. However, it is not possible to order the correct version when acquiring. Because of that, you need to update it to the enterprise version first, before using Microsoft Windows 10. The computing centre keeps appropriate data mediums at hand and assists you with the installation.